Nizh-LM Explosive reactive armour system

Nizh-LM is a complex of explosive reactive armour based on new lightweight elements
HKChPWSH, which enable their use in armoured vehicles protection from unitary anti-tank
grenades with the reduction in destructive capacity up to 80%.

The principle of action of the lightweight HKChPWSH elements is identical to that of the
standard ones (used in the “Nizh-1M” complex) and is based on the impact of shaped charge jets of element charges on a weapon, followed by its destabilization and destruction.

The usage of the lightweight elements in the “Nizh-LM” complex makes it possible to
significantly improve the off-road operation ability of protected vehicles.

Our company conducts a full cycle of works on the production of the lightweight HKChPWSH
elements, elaboration of design documents for further installation of the complex on customer’s