About us

We work on development and production of ERA elements for tanks and armoured vehicles, as well as on the development of design solutions for their installation.

The core of the team was formed by experienced designers who, being in productive cooperation with young specialists, are working to find the most effective solutions for the protection of armoured
vehicles. Our company’s name is a tribute to the origins of domestic work in this field. It notes the name of a famous designer Vasily Khytryk, who was at the head of the state enterprise “Microtek” for many years.

There are two major directions of work in our company:

– development, creation and serial production of the ERA elements 4С20U and 4С22U for “Kontakt-1” and “Kontakt-5” systems. We carry out both delivery of individual elements for replacement of the expired ones and development of solutions for installation of these systems on tanks, not fitted with them previously. Although the 4С20U and 4С22U elements do not differ from their predecessors on the surface and can be installed on the existing systems without any design changes, the mixture of their explosive has been changed and improved.

– development of completely new elements for ERA “Nizh-1M”, “Nizh-LM” and “Duplet-2M” complexes.