Nizh-1M Explosive reactive armour system

Nizh-1M – an explosive reactive armour complex, based on new elements HKChPWSH – our company’s
own development. The complex provides tanks with reliable protection from RPG/SPG grenades
(reduction of destructive capacity up to 90%), shaped charge and armour piercing projectiles (up to 80%), unitary anti-tank guided missiles (up to 70%) and explosively formed penetrator (up to 40%).

The principle of action of the HKChPWSH elements is that as a result of weapon impact, an element
detonates and affects means of destruction in a vulnerable cross-section direction, destroying and
diverting it from the initial trajectory.

Owing to the improved mixture of the explosive, high-explosive effect on nearby elements is reduced, so when one element is triggered, two others in a cassette do not detonate and burn out. HKChPWSH is also safely protected from detonation after being hit by small arms ammunition.

Our company carries out a full cycle of works on the production of the HKChPWSH elements, the
development of design documentation for further installation of the complex on customer’s tanks.