Duplet-2M Explosive reactive armour system

Duplet-2M is an explosive reactive armour system based on new elements developed by our company.
A distinctive feature of the system is the ability to protect tanks both from a standard set of weapons (RPG/SPG grenades, shaped charge and armour-piercing projectiles, explosively formed penetrator) and from tandem-charge, reducing the destructive capacity up to 60%.

The system is based on the HKChPWSH ERA elements, our company’s own development. The principle
of their action is following: means of destruction, acting upon the charges of an element, cause its detonation. An element, in turn, influencing the means of destruction with a shaped charge jet, destroys it and diverts from the initial trajectory. Protection from tandem-charge projectiles is provided by a special tandem layout of elements.

Thanks to a new mixture of the explosive, the performance characteristics of the HKChPWSH elements
are significantly improved in comparison with other domestically produced analogues. Also, they are lighter than their predecessors by 60-70%, which gives additional off-road operation ability.

LLC “Ukrainian advanced microtechnologies named after V.O. Khytryk” carries out a full cycle of works on the production of elements, development of design documentation for further installation of the system on customer’s tanks.